Apple Saved Customer Service

I began my career in the 90's, when computers and automation were taking hold of most consumer industries. This was a transition from speaking to customer service on the phone to automated telephone banking. We prized efficiency and companies who didn't think this way were un-competative. Lean and mean was what we aimed for. Effective gave way to efficient.

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Data is great for better customer service

Data is useful. I don't use it a whole lot at home but with work it's all I think about. There are many reasons to use data within a business and one of my favorites is measuring how well you are delivering service. Why I like this type of metric are the two benefits realized from it...

  1. You can see if your customer is receiving good service and value. If not, act.
  2. You do not have to manage staff in traditional ways because you know how well your customer is serviced. I don't believe professional, mature adults need to be managed. I believe corporate processes need to be rigorous and measured. There's a big difference between the two.

See 'Using data to create a better customer experience'.

It’s more about change than technology

Innovation is a very relevant topic these days since we are seeing a revolution in computing. It is the first time individual consumers have more access to computing power, storage, and sophistication than an enterprise. A home consumer can be on the cloud, back up terabytes of music, organize and manage those terabytes, view everything on mobile devices, shoot, edit, and post videos in minutes.

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Performance reviews don’t work

Like most employees and managers, I have participated in and performed many employee performance reviews. I have always thought they were silly and it turns out that practically everyone thinks they are too. We are kidding ourselves if we think we are accomplishing something by chatting for 30 to 60 minutes once a year. Let's get real, this isn't 1975. We need to find better ways to measure output at work. This article is pretty cool.


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