Apple doesn't care about investors

I think Apple cares more about its customers than investors. That's how it should be. Too many companies pander to their share price and the shareholder. They forget that they are in business to serve. Sure, return on investment is part of business but it distracts from great products and services. Let me explain...Read More


Apple products have recently dominated because of their superior design, business model, customer service, and quality. Their focus is on product excellence and customer experience not business hype. Their marketing machine is certainly world class but the cool gadgets come first then the hype follows. They earn all their hype, following, and share price.

Contrast this with RIM who's products are right out of the 90's along with their business practices. They talk about BlackBerry 10 and a turn around that seems to be happening at glacial speed. They're not talking to consumers, because they have nothing to say. They're talking to the investment community to keep their stock price from tanking too fast.  RIM are full of hype with no cool gadget. Their handsets still look like calculators.

I think this is part of Steve Job's genius. He knew that if he built awesome stuff people will buy it and the stock will respond accordingly. He didn't need investor affirmations or comeback blather. Just deliver something great and your customers will love you for it. This is a great lesson to all businesses. You can only talk to investors for so long until consumers decide they have had enough. Instead, try giving people great products and service. Then your financials will show it.


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