Work is about service

I really enjoy facilitating a weekly workshop called 'Success at work' which supports people in the community who are looking for work or trying to improve their skills and career prospects. The single most important discussion point in the workshop is our Attitude. One attitude that needs checking is why we work. Most answers are things like:


  • to make money
  • to pay bills
  • support my family...

These are certainly realities of our lives but are not the reasons why we work. We work to provide a service. This distinction is important to our maturity, professionalism, and outlook on work. It reduces our-selves as the primary driver behind work and opens our awareness to opportunity. This is clearly win-win since good service is the value a customer seeks and the service provider is compensated for this. Nobody is left out. Striking this balance is critical because the customer needs to be understood as does the service provider who has invested in providing good service and must be compensated accordingly.

This link is to an HBR article that supports this notion of service.


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