"I don't need your money, I want change"

Adamlabs is in the business of innovation and change. This means we encourage and support organizations through an evolution from one way of thinking and doing to another way of thinking and doing. These can be large organizations or small start-ups and the change is seen as an improvement in the business as a result of an adopted innovation (we don't change just for fun).

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Apple doesn't care about investors

I think Apple cares more about its customers than investors. That's how it should be. Too many companies pander to their share price and the shareholder. They forget that they are in business to serve. Sure, return on investment is part of business but it distracts from great products and services. Let me explain...Read More

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Leadership is about Change

I recently read an article criticizing a University chancellor for spending too much money on first class flights, Ritz Carleton hotel rooms, among other things. These political boners happen all the time, sometimes with consequences, but often without. In this particular case it didn't seem that the chancellor was trying to dupe the University and squeeze them for a good time. It seems that he really thought that's how people in those positions behave. Although I believe civil servants (and if you work for a University in Canada you are pretty much a civil servant) should never go first class I believe he is sincere in his belief; this is what 'important' people do.

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Tactics never produce leaders

Managers are often thrust into their positions through promotion with little understanding of what it takes to really affect those they have been given the mandate to lead (I have been on both sides of this experience). We carry on habits and conditioning learned from our previous managers or leaders who themselves went through this experience. Certainly people break this process and provide evolutionary change to leadership, or at least management, but the vast majority of us are not exposed to these people or ideas. Simply put, leadership is incorrectly approached as another job responsibility, like learning a new software package or acquainting ourselves with company policy. This is unfair and sets people up to fail.Read MoreLeadership should be thought of as parenthood, it is not a slight change in what we do but a transformation in how we think. Hence, just as great parents can come from anywhere, everyone has the potential to be a good leader and contribute to collective progress.

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Work is about service

I really enjoy facilitating a weekly workshop called 'Success at work' which supports people in the community who are looking for work or trying to improve their skills and career prospects. The single most important discussion point in the workshop is our Attitude. One attitude that needs checking is why we work. Most answers are things like:

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